Masayoshi Haneda Net Worth 2021: Movies, Bio.

He is a Japanese actor and a stage performer. His International movie debut started in 2006 with the movie “Valley of Flowers”. It was a French-German-Indian independent movie directed by Indian director Pan Nalin. Masayoshi Haneda Net Worth of 2021 is in the many millions he has earned throughout his long acting career.

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Early Life

He was born on 13th November 1976. At the very young age of his life, he decided to pursue his career in acting. He took his admission to the  United Performers’ Studio (UPS Academy). It was in the capital city of the country Japan. 


After completed his graduation he continued his study with workshops conducted by teachers of the Actors Studio, New York. In 2003 he becomes the stunt performer in the movie “The Last Samurai”. The movie was an American periodic action drama movie directed and co-produced by American filmmaker & producer Edward M. Zwick. The movie was one of the most successful movies in the Japan Box Office. The worldwide box office collection was  $456.8 million (Rs 33,11.89 Cr) against a production budget of $140 million (Rs 10,15.04 Cr).

In the same year, he performs another blockbuster movie “When the Last Sword Is Drawn”. The movie was based on a real historical story directed by Yojiro Takita. Next year the movie received the “Japan Academy Film Prize” along with eight other nominations.

In 2004 he perform the movie “Oh! My Zombie Mermaid”. The movie was a Japanese action-comedy movie directed by Naoki Kudo.  The movie story based on a popular and successful professional wrestler. The movie was released in North America on July 28th 2009. The movie was premiered at The Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival on 21st February 2004.

Later in the same year, he performs in “Godzilla: Final Wars” which premiered on 29th November 2004 in Los Angeles, California. The movie was released in Japan on 29th November 2004. Apart from Japan, it was released theatrically in the United States on 4th November 2004. The movie received a very amazing review in Japan. The movie also received the Neuchatel International Fantasy Film Festival Award in the year 2005.

A few years later in 2008, he appeared in the  American–Japanese movie “The Ramen Girl”. The movie was a romantic comedy-drama about a girl who goes to Japan & does so many crazy things throughout the movie story. In 2014 he also appeared in the  Japanese historical drama television series Gunshi Kanbei the series was broadcast from the 5th January to 21st December 2014.

His other blockbuster movie  “Minamata” is released on  February 5th 2021. The story of the movie based on the book of the name by Aileen Mioko Smith and  Eugene Smith. The film stars  Johnny Depp played the character of Smith. Apart from Johnny Depp The Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada played the role of   Mitsuo Yamazaki & the Japanese, Bollywood & Honk Kong movie actor Jun Kunimura played the role of Junichi Nojima in the same movie.

Along with this, the Japanese actress Minami Hinase perform the role of  Aileen in the movie. Based on real events, She brings Aileen to life with more power and a very small difference in feeling on-screen alongside Johnny Depp. The English actor Bill Nighy also played the role of Robert Hayes.  Along with this one of the successful actor of Japan Tadanobu Asano played the role of Tatsuo Matsumura &  Japanese actor Ryo Kase played the character of Kiyoshi. The United Kingdom actress Katherine Jenkins played the role of Millie.

Personal Life

He met singer-songwriter, Hitomi Furuya, during a play in 2007. One year later they got married on 11th July 2008. They have one child & one daughter. According to the news they filed for divorce in the month of December 2011.


Real NameMasayoshi Haneda
Birth PlaceHe was born on 13th November 1976
Age44 years. 
Height6 Feet &.06 Inches/185 Cm
Weight74.84 Kgs/165 Lbs.
Net Worth$ 5 Million (Rs 36.25 Cr).

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