Minami Bages Net Worth 2021: Age, Movies, Bio.

She is a Japanese actress & is also a Japanese fashion model in Japanese fashion Magazines such as mina, SEDA, Phat Photo, Dolce Vita, 26ans & so many. Minami Bages Net Worth 2021 is growing gradually towards millions as she is working hards in her profession. Her career as a  model has gradually grown through the years and is well-known in Japan.

Apart from the modelling, she is also taken her training in playing the piano, and watching French films; she is a very athletic type personality and takes an interest in basketball also.

Minami Bages
Minami Bages

Early Life

She was born on 22nd September in 1986. She was born in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is the capital city of the country Japan.

She has completed the graduation from a theatre programme operated by the  “Osaka Broadcasting Corporation”. A radio station of National radio network in Osaka of Japan. 


She is well known for her character played in the Japanese action thriller movie “Battle Royale”  in the year 2000. The movie was directed by Kinji Fukasaku. The movie becomes one of the most influential films in recent decades since the movie release.

The movies follow the group of a junior high school student who is forced to fight to the death by the Japanese political system. The movie was first screened in Tokyo the capital of the country Japan on the more than 200 screens in December 2000.

The movie was the highest-grossing in the box office for the six weeks after its release. Later on, the movie released in the other 22 countries Worldwide. The movie also becomes the third highest-grossing movie of 2001 in Japan.

The estimated worldwide gross collection of the movie was $30,560,744 (Rs 2,22.44 Cr).

She started her movie career at the age of thirteen & worked on so many movies & theatre in her home country Japan.

She also stated in an interview in wonderland magazine that the experience of working in the theatre helped her lot. She has appeared in more than 20 plays & every day she can play with the same characters and dialogue, but every day it’s not the same.

She has started her career at the Horipro.  It is a Japanese model and talent agency.

She appears in her major character in the movie “Humoresque: Sakasama no Chou”. Released in 2006 the movie was a Japanese drama movie.

She has performed in so many movies such as Toso Kuso Tawake, Lament of the Lamb, Robo Rock and Detroit Metal City. She also starred in the Hanazakari No Kimitachi Especial. She has just been finished filming a drama called Yukan Club” where she acted as Kenbishi Yuri.

Her movie Minamata is released on 5th February in 2021 where she played the role of an Aileen. It is a drama movie directed by  Andrew Levitas. The story of the movie based on the book of the name by Aileen Mioko Smith and  Eugene Smith. Actor Tadanobu Asano played the role of Tatsuo Matsumura in the movie

The film stars  Johnny Depp played the character of Smith. An American photographer who documented the effects of mercury poisoning on the citizens of Minamata Kumamoto which was located in Japan. Apart from Johnny Depp The Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada played the role of   Mitsuo Yamazaki & the Japanese, Bollywood & Honk Kong movie actor Jun Kunimura played the role of Junichi Nojima in the same movie. The other Japanese actor Ryo Kase Played the role of Kiyoshi in the same movie.  The English actor Bill Nighy played the role of Robert Hayes & Wales, United Kingdom actress Katherine Jenkins who played the role of Millie.

Based on real events, She brings Aileen to life with more power and a very small difference in feeling on-screen alongside Johnny Depp. With writer-director Andrew Levitas, she reflects through the movie in her performance. The power of telling a true story.

Social Media Portfolio

The Japanese model-actor has made decent followers on social media. She has  6460 followers on Instagram as on February 2021.

Real NameMinami Bages
 Birth Place She was born in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is in Japan.
Age34 years
TwitterTwitter/Minami Bages
InstagramInstagram/Minami Bages
Net Worth Not yet established.

What is the meaning of Minami?

Minami  is a Japanese word meaning “south”.

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