Hiroyuki Sanada Net Worth 2024: Age, Movies, Bio.

He is a Japanese actor who is very famous for his character played by him in Kirito No Séngyo as the ‘Immortal’, and Tasogare Seibei, “The Twilight Samurai”. Hiroyuki Sanada Net Worth 2024 is converted into millions of fortune he has earned in his long Career journey as an actor. He is famous for this Japanese historical drama movie directed by Yoji Yamada, Which was released in the year 2002. His other famous character named “The fool” a drama written by Famous poem and actor of all time in English literature William Shakespeare drama named  “King Lear”. It makes him famous in the U.K.

Apart from this, he is very much famous as a recording artist in Japan along with stage actor, working in Japanese and British plays and theatres.

Hiroyuki Sanada Image
Hiroyuki Sanada Image

Early Life

He was born on 12th October in 1960. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is the capital and most populous city of the country Japan. 

He has received the degree Bachelor of art from the “Nihon University”. A Private research University in Japan. He has received the degree in 1991. Along with the University degree, He has also been studied “Shorinji Compo”. It is a Japanese martial art and is considered as a modified version of “Shaolin Kung Fu”. After this, he also learnt “Kyokushin Kaikan Karate”.It is a form of standing up fighting Karate and was founded 1964 by Korean-Japanese Masutatsu Oyama.


 At the age of 11, he begins his training with actor and martial artist “Sonny Chiba”.After successful training, he developed his all-round martial art ability.  His martial art movie career started with the Malaysian actress“Michelle Yeoh”.  Later on, with her, he performed in  “Royal Warriors”, and after that Danny Boyle “Sunshine”. It was a science fiction Physiological thriller movie directed by Danny Boyle.

Gradually he established himself as a character actor And perform with the  “Royal Shakespeare Company”.A British theatre company based in Warwickshire, England. Some media also stated that he is the first Japanese actor to receive the MBE Award. It is a British Award given to the personality who works towards the area of arts & science.

He also performs in the American Comedy movie “Rush Hour 3” directed by “Brett Ratner” & the movie was released in the year 2007. After two years later he performed in another American drama movie “The City of Your Final Destination”.The movie was directed by James Ivory. 

Next year in 2010 he joined The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the Television series “Lost” in its sixth & final season.

Three years after in 2013 he acted American fantasy action movie “47 Ronin”, the movie was directed by  “Carl Rinsch”.Later on,  in the same year, he performs in his carier best character as Shingen Yashida in the movie “The Wolverine”. A Superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics character Wolverine

In 2019 he played a minor character in other Superhero Movie based on the Marvel Comics character movie named “Avengers: Endgame”. In this movie, he performs with his co-star with Robert Downey Jr &  Scarlett Johansson.

His other movie Minamata which is a drama movie which released in 2020 the story based on a book name Aileen Mioko Smith & Eugene Smith. The main star cast of the movie was Johnny Depp played the role of Eugene Smith who was an American Photojournalist. Along with the Japanese actor  Jun Kunimura who played the character of the Junichi Nojima in the movie. Another Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano played the role of Tatsuo Matsumura. The other Japanese actor Ryo Kase Played the role of Kiyoshi in the same movie. The U.K.actress Katherine Jenkins also played the role of  Millie. Along with this the Japanese actress Minami Hinase who perform the role of  Aileen in the movie. English actor Bill Nighy also played the role of Robert Hayes.

Personal Life

He has married to Japanese actress Satomi Tezuka in the year 1990. The couple has two children but unfortunately, they got separated in the year 1997.

Social Media portfolio

Being as a wonderful actor he has made his so many followers on social media. On Instagram, he has 768 followers as on May 2024.

 Real NameHiroyuki Shimosawa
Birth PlaceHe was born in Tokyo, Japan. 
 Age63 years
Height5 Feet & 10 Inches /178 cm
Weight76 Kg/168 Lbs.
Instagram Instagram/Hiroyuki Sanada
Net Worth $ 5 Million (Rs 41.73 Cr Approx).
Last UodatedMay 2024

What is the height of Hiroyuki Sanada?

5 Feet & 10 Inches /178 cm.

What is the age of Hiroyuki Sanada?

63 years.

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