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Who is Yang Huiyan?

She is a Chinese billionaire & businesswoman and Property developer. She is the daughter of a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder and chairman of Country Garden group Yang Guoqiang. She is the richest woman in Asia.  As per the real data published on American Business Magazine Forbes on 5th March 2021, she is the 7th wealthiest women in the World.

Early life

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She was born on 20th July 1981 in Shunde District of the Foshan city Guangdong province in South China. Her father is chairman of Country Garden group Yang Guoqiang  & mother Yang Yanchi.

She becomes a graduate of  Bachelor of Arts/Science in 2003 from Ohio State University, a public research University in Columbus Ohio United State. Columbus is the largest and most populous city of Ohio State in the United States. In this university, she was also a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS).


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Her father Yang Guoqiang is a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder and chairman of Country Garden group. One of the largest real estate developer in Guangdong, Mainland China.Before he becomes a billionaire he worked as a Farmer.

Established in 1992 Country Garden group in Shunde Guangdong was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 20th April 2007. Its performance immediately makes five billionaires of its shareholders. The company has now spread its wings in property development, construction, fitting and decoration, property management and hotel operations in a wide range in the global markets. The company was ranked 6th Largest property developer in China by sales revenue.

The company ranked 147th Fortune Global 500 list. It’s Annual Ranking of the top 500 Corporation worldwide. The Company holds a market capitalization of $ 29.84 billion (Rs 22,05,66.53 Cr) as of 2018.

In 2005 Yang Guoqiang transferred his shares in Country Garden Holdings Company Limited to his daughter. By October 2007  she was declared the richest woman in Asia by American Business Magazine Forbes with a fortune of $ 16 billion (Rs 11,82,35.84 Cr).

According to Bloomberg magazine, she is the Vice-chairman of Chinese property developer Country Garden Holdings. It reported that on 5th January 2018 she was the richest women in China with a net worth of $ 25.6 billion (Rs 18,91,87.07 Cr). She ranked 31th On the Bloomberg billionaire list

According to China daily.com, the richest Chinese woman married Chen Chong in 2006 in Shunde, South China’s Guangdong Province. Her husband graduated from Tsinghua University and studied in the United States. 

She is Asia’s wealthiest Women &  China’s youngest billionaire owns 57% holding of real estate developer of Country Garden. She is also a Shareholder in bilingual K-12 schools in China. It’s a  Chinese Education company & has the largest International operator. It Listed its name on the  New York Stock Exchange in 2007. Her sister  Ziyang is also a partner in the company.

China is a country having 60% of the world’s most successful women entrepreneur, She has holds her position as the Chinese richest women for seven years consecutively. Apart from the last year in 2020, the company has gone through a downfall in the Global stock market. She is holding constantly the top position in the billionaire’s list. 

Due to the fluctuation of Stock and changing currency price in the trade war in 2018, the year was only proved to be lucky for the  Chinese richest women. She added around $ 6.1 billion (Rs 4,51,07.97 Cr) to her fortune. By 10th January 2018, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made $ 6.6 billion (Rs 4,88,02.05 Cr) to his fortune making him the largest gainer of that year and she becomes the second. 

 Real NameYang Huiyan
Birth PlaceShe was born on 20th July 1981 in Shunde District of the Foshan city Guangdong province in South China.
Age39 years (As of 2021).
Net Worth$ 29.6 BILLION  (Rs 21,88,84.60 Cr).

As on Data published on 5th March 2021 on Forbes.

Who is the husband of Yang Huiyan?

Chen Chong.

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