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Kamala Harris is an American politician and attorney, more precisely a person or a lawyer appointed for another in business or any legal issues. She Is also the Vice President-elect of the United States. Has already been selected for vice president but has Yet to take responsibility for the same. She will be the first Asian- American and the United States’ first female Vice President and also the highest-ranking female elected in United States history. Kamala Devi Harris net worth 2021 has in million dollars worth whatever she has earned by her law profession as her primary source of income.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Early life

She was born on October 20th 1964. She was born in Oakland California.  Oakland is The largest city of Alameda County, One of the major West Coast port cities. Apart from this, it is the third largest and eighth-most populated city in California. Her mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a biologist by profession Who worked in Breast Cancer Research, had arrived in the United States in 1958 from Tamil Nadu the southernmost state of  India. She came here as a graduate student in nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley

Her father  Donald J Harris is a Stanford University Professor of Economics. He arrived in the U.S from British Jamaica For this study of graduation of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley in 1961.

She started her primary school education at the French-speaking primary school named Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges.  After primary education, She then took her admission to Westmount High School in Quebec.A beautiful suburb in Montreal island in southwestern Quebec Canada. She completed her graduation here in 1981. After graduation in 1982, She joined Howard University, Washington DC. She completed her graduation here in the year 1986 with Political Science & Economics.

After she graduates from Howard University, she then makes plans to attend law school at the University of California. Hastings college of the law. A private law school in San Francisco, California. In 1989, she graduated with a Juris Doctor from the Hastings College of the law. Juris Doctor is a graduate-entry professional degree in Doctor of Law. After that, she entered the California Bar in 1990.


In 1990, She started her career as a Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County California. After four years in the year 1994, Speaker of the California Assembly Mr Willie Brown made herself appointed as a State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. Later on, he promoted her as the California Medical Assistance Commission. In 1998 San Francisco District Attorney Terence Hallinan appointed her as an Assistant District Attorney. In the year 2000, the month of August she joined a job in San Francisco city hall, working with Louise Renne.

In 2010 she decided to run California Attorney General Election. In June she won with 33.6% of the general election vote. Next year in 2011, on 3rd January she became the first  South Asian -American Woman to hold the Attorney General designation in the History of the state. In the year 2014, the month of November she was re-elected for the same but this time with a higher percentage of 57.5. 

Next Year on 13th January 2015 she announced to run the campaign for the Barbara Boxer Senate Seat. Barbara Boxer is an American politician who served her term as a United State senator for California from the year 1993 to 2017. She expressed her desire to retire from the Senator responsibility in the year 2016.After that announcement, Harris ran the campaign for the same seat. She won with 80% record vote in the election & was selected for the Senator seat. Next January in 2018 she was appointed for the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is a standing Committee of twenty-two whose responsibility is to look after the department of Justice.

In the year 2020, she voted against Senator Bernie Sanders for the amendment to reduce the $ 740 Billion ( Rs 5,48,78,58.50 Cr) National Defence Authorization Act for the Accounting year 2021.

On January 21st 2019 she officially announced her 2020 Democratic Nomination for Presidential Election. According to the police estimate, more than 20,000 people attended her campaign in her hometown Oakland. In her first Democratic Presidential debate, she found the fault of former vice president Joe Biden For wrongful remarks he made regarding the Senator. But she fell in the polls in the following debate.  Her pole point fell in the next few months gradually. She also faced criticism from the office for the crime policies she made in her attorney term. On December 3rd 2019, she withdrew her name from the 2020 presidential election Due to a shortage of funds.

The same year in March she declared the name of Joe Biden for the president. The same year in May Members of the Congressional  Black Caucus The idea of the Biden-Harris ticket. Next year in February 2020 Britain won the presidential election with some greater percentage. He won the 2020 South Carolina Democratic primary & Super Tuesday. Next month in March Clyburn Suggested Joe Biden choose a Black woman for his running mate. As she is an Only black African- American woman With vast political experience which suits the most for the vice president.

On August 11th 2020 Joe Biden That he had chosen her. She is the first African- American, First Indian- American & third woman to be selected as the Vice Presidential nominee with the major party ticket. On the 7th November 2020, Joe Biden became the winner of the 2020 United States presidential election with the highest vote by any candidate in United States history. Hence she becomes the Vice president-elect Of the United States. American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has also endorsed American President Joe Biden & her in the 2020 United States presidential election. She has also recognised as one of the most influential celebrities in the election.

Awards and Nominations

In the year 2005, she received the Thurgood Marshall Award. Next Year in 2006, Howard University awarded her the  Alumni Awards for their extraordinary work in the field of  Law And Public Service. In 2008 her Name was selected among 34 attorneys of the Year by California Lawyer magazine. In 2010 The daily journal California’s largest legal newspaper listed her as one of the Top 75 women litigators of the state. In 2013 Times magazine, an American weekly magazine published from New York, Elected her name in ‘100 most influential people of the world’.

Personal life

She Married attorney Douglas Emhoff who is an American lawyer on August 22nd 2014in  Santa Barbara, California. Santa Barbara is a coastal city on the West Coast of the United States. She is the stepmother of two children of her husband’s first marriage. The couple lived in Brentwood Los Angeles. They purchased the Property in 2012. The luxury apartment has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms spread over 3500 square feet. The approximate cost of the property is $ 5.4 Million ( Rs 40.02 Cr). Apart from this, she has also purchased a private residence in the West end neighbourhood of Washington DC. This two bedrooms private residence approximate cost is $ 1.7 Million (Rs 12.60 Cr).

Social Media Portfolio

She Has also won the hearts of millions all over the world. look at her Twitter account. It has 19.8 million followers all over the world. On the other hand, on Instagram, she has 15.1 Million Followers as of January 2024. 

Car Collection

 Chevrolet of $ 30,000 (Rs 22.24 Lacs)

Jaguar XE of $ 63,000 ( Rs 46.70 Lacs) 

Land Rover Discovery of $ 10,2000 ( Rs 75.62 Lacs)

BMW X1 of $ 57,000 (Rs 42.25 Lacs)

Quick Facts

Real NameKamala Devi Harris
Birth PlaceOakland California
EducationHoward University, Washington DC graduation  in the year 1986 with Political Science & Economics
Height5 Feet 1 inch/ 157 Cm
Weight121 Lbs/55 Kg
Age59 Years
Awards & RecognitionIn 2013 Times magazine, an American weekly magazine published from New York, Elected her name in ‘100 most influential people of the world’.
TwitterTwitter/Kamala Harris
InstagramInstagram/Kamala Harris
Net Worth$ 7 Million (INR 58.13 Cr Approx).
Last UpdatedJanuary 2024


What is the husband’s name of Kamala Harris?

Doug Emhoff.

Who is the mother of Kamala Harris?

Shyamala Gopalan Harris

Who is the father of Kamala Harris?

Donald Harris

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