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 Bernie Sanders an American Politician, commonly known in American Politics for his contribution to solving economic Inequality, the unbalanced distribution of income and opportunity between different groups in society of a region, or in specific areas in a country. And domestic policy.

The government policy is involved education, health, and so many other issues that affect the country. Bernie Sanders is now 79 years of age, has created good fortune, and has made millions of net worth by his hard labour by doing social services.

Bernie Sanders net worth
Bernie Sanders net worth

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Early life

In 1941 on January 8, He was born in Brooklyn of New York City in a Jewish family. Father’s name is Elias Ben Yehuda Sanders, who was a paint salesman by profession. And the mother’s name is Dorothy Sanders. 

 He started his primary schooling at Public Elementary School, which is in New York City. Later on for his High School studies took his admission to James Madison High School, Which is also in New York City. And for his college education, he took admission to Brooklyn College. After Completing college there, he shifted Himself To “The University of Chicago,” where he has completed his graduation in Political Science in the year of 1964.


After completing his education, he joined the “Socialist Party of America,” where he actively participated in the “Civil rights movement.” In1968, He shifted himself To Stannard, Which is in Vermont Small town in Caledonia. He stayed there for so many years and worked as a Carpenter, filmmaker, and writer. After a few years of working there around 1975, he again shifted to Vermont’s most populous area named “Chittenden County.” In 1980 He was nominated for the Mayor post of “Burlington, Vermont.” After an intense fight with the opposition, he won with only 10 Votes.

And he remained Mayor continuously for the 3rd term till 1989. During this time, he worked for “Rural Development” and modified “United States Foreign Policy” Latin America. The Group of countries in America where Roman Spanish, Portuguese, and French are spoken independently. In 1987 the U.S. News and World report announced him as the best Mayor.

In 1991 He was elected for the U.S. House of representatives. What is a country in this post-2007? After that, he became a Senator. A representative who worked for the Government for the social and economic development of a nation. During this period, he works for the reformation Investment banking health sector, especially in breast cancer. 

In 2010 on December 10, he made a detailed speech of approximately eight hours On tax relief, Employment insurance reauthorization, and job creation. The Bill passed with a substantial majority and came into effect as a government law within some weeks. 

On April 30, 2015, he was nominated for the “Presidential Election” And won the 23rd of the electoral Contest but finally lost against Hillary Clinton, who owns 54% of votes. In the year 2020, Kamala Harris voted against him for the amendment to reduce the $ 740 Billion ( Rs 5,48,78,58.50 Cr) National Defense Authorization Act for the Accounting year 2021. In the 2016  US Presidential election American actress, comedian & writer Kristen Wiig also endorsed him.

Personal life

In 1964 he married his college girlfriend, Deborah Shilling Messing. But unfortunately, after two years, they got separated. The couple has no child. In 1988 on May 28, he married for the second time To Jane “O’Meara Driscoll,” who became president of Burlington College. The couple has three children Heather Driscoll born in 1971, Carina Driscoll in 1974, and Dave Driscoll in 1975. Along with his three children, he also has seven grandchildren.

Award and Recognition

In 2015 on December 4, He became “Person of the Year” By Times magazine. It is a weekly published American news magazine mainly based in New York City. On May 30 in 2017, he received a degree of “Doctor of Humane Letters” from Brooklyn college. It is given to a student who has achieved Something remarkable in areas that do not belong to Government, literature, science, and religion.

Social media activity

He has won millions of hearts throughout his decades-long Political Career. And it could be seen over social media. He has 15.2 Million followers on Twitter as of October 2023 & on Instagram, he has 6.5 Million followers in the same year.


He has purchased three houses in his lifetime. The first houses he has purchased in the “Champlain Islands” The Cost of this house is $ 575,000 ( Rs 4.22 Cr). The second house he bought was in “Burlington Colonial Home” in Vermont before becoming Senator in 2009. The approximate cost of this house is $400,000 ( Rs 2.93 Cr). And the third house he purchased in 2019, which is in “The Washington D.C. Rowhouse,” and the Approximate Cost of the house is $ 562,500 ( Rs 4.13 Cr).

Quick Facts

Real NameBernard Sanders
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York City
Height6 Feet
Age82 Years
Education Graduation in Political Science from “The University of Chicago”
Award and RecognitionIn 2015 “Person of the year” by Time Magazine.

In 2017  “Doctor of Humane Letters”  from Brooklyn College.
 Twitter accountTwitter/Bernie Sanders
Instagram AccountInstagram/Bernie Sanders
Net Worth
$ 5 Million (INR 41.55 Cr)
Lat UpdatedOctober 2023


What is the age of Bernie Sanders?

82 Years

What is the Bernie Sanders Wife?

Janeo ’Meara Driscoll

What is the name of Bernie Sander’s son?

Levi Sanders

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