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An Instagram sensation, an athlete, and a TV Host having millions of followers and fans all over the World.

She is a well-known personality as a fitness guru and a role model, especially for women who want to make themselves fit their bodies throughout any phase of life.

She started her career as a fitness trainer with the principle of making your body work without going Gym.

As a fitness trainer, Emily Skye has made millions of net worth through her so many sources of income through Online channels.

Early life

Born on the 7th of January 1985 & she belongs to Australia in terms of citizenship.

More precisely, we can say that she is from Queensland. To the northeast of the country, it is spread over approximately 7000km of unique coastline area.

She has a sister named Elise, who is like a friend, philosopher, and guide to her.

She has completed her graduation from Green Point High school. Since her childhood at the age of five, she has become extremely passionate about health and fitness.

And become a fitness trainer and model during her college life. 


 In 2005 she started her career working in a famous Australian Magazine. And then start modelling with the ads for Aero Chocolate.

Apart from these activities, she also worked on music videos and TV Shows. There are so many fitness trainers available online, especially on YouTube, who keep their fitness in both.

In their professional life, fitness trainers handle millions of fans over social media. Along with this, they also balance their personal life and family.

They are leaving a healthy lifestyle in both aspects. She is one of those lucky women in the World.

She has revealed in her many interviews online that she has more than 70,000 followers who follow her on social media for asking her advice and fitness tips.

This Australian legend has started growing social media following since 2011. She started her social media activity with the blog page. On that blog page, she gave updates regarding the food menu, which is suitable for all fitness.

Then she starts with an online workout program where she includes apps and video tutorials where followers can learn the fitness formula.

With this fitness program, she creates an online source of income. In an online interview, she revealed that she always enjoys having something to work with and that fitness and lifestyle can change the way people do earlier.

She researched deeply online on how to maintain proper workouts, healthy eating, and feel confident. And share the experience of fitness workouts with the World Finding online is the best way so that millions of people could be benefited.

She always prefers to eat unprocessed and organic food for making a healthy body. such as

 Hunter-Gather diet:- This is rich in animal protein, plants, fruits and plants, And most importantly, which is completely free from Grains and dairy products.

Organic meats:- Any other animal product which is made naturally means it is raised Without any antibiotics or hormones. Totally grows with their natural behaviour.

Seeds, The parts of a plant specially preserved for growing a new plant.

BCAA Amino:- The Branched-Chain Amino Acid, A proteinogenic amino acid which is a group of three amino acids- Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine.

It is very much necessary for building muscles, decreasing Muscle fatigue & Elevating muscle soreness.

Personal Life

She has been in a relationship for a long time with Declan Redmond, whom she married a few years ago. She gave her first childbirth with a baby girl. She named her ‘ Mia Elise.’ She also posted her pics on Instagram to share with her millions of followers.

And this year, in early 2020, she gave her second birth to a boy named Izaac.

Some Unknown Facts

  •  She started her modelling at the age of fifteen years of age.
  • During modelling, her health began to fall down her fitness level & then she tried to focus on her fitness.
  • She feels sick when she tries to consume a banana; that’s why she doesn’t like bananas on the diet menu.
  • In the Year 2017, she met with Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Bellers.

Awards & Recognition

 In the year 2011, she received the award from WNBF (world natural Bodybuilding Federation), Miss USA Figure NSW (New South Wales), and Miss USA fit body NSW.

Next Year in 2012, she also won the WBNF Best Body swimsuit Sydney ( First place).WNBF Miss USA Figure Sydney ( Second Place) and INBA ( International Natural Bodybuilding Association) Model Sydney.

In the year 2017, she ranked 3rd on Forbes in the ‘World Influencer Category.’

Social Media Portfolio

This Forbes fitness legend has millions of followers on social media who follow her for fitness tips & diet menus for being fit. She has a Facebook page of 9.5 million followers.

She is also a YouTube Influencer & She has her own YouTube Channel where she regularly posts videos regarding fitness tips and a healthy diet. The channel has 77.6k active Subscribers Worldwide. 

She is also active on Twitter with 96.8k followers worldwide, and she is also an Instagram sensation with 2.7 million followers worldwide, where she uploads her latest fitness workout images for her followers. All social media followers were updated on February 2024.

Quick Facts

Real Name  Emily Skye
Birth Place Queensland, Australia
Height5 Feet 7 inches/ 170 Cm
Weight132 Lbs/60 Kg
Body Measurement Measurements 33-23-26
Age36 Years
Awards & RecognitionIn the year 2011, she received an award WNBF  (world natural Bodybuilding Federation).
Facebook PageEmily Skye/Facebook Page
Youtube Channel Emily Skye/YouTube Channel
TwitterEmily Skye/Twitter
InstagramEmily Skye/Instagram
Net Worth $ 36 Million (INR 2,92.05 Cr ).
Last UpdatedFebruary 2024


What is the date of birth of Emily Skye?

7th of January 1985

How many children there are of Emily Skye?

Two-Mia Elise and Izaac

Height of Emily Skye?

5 Feet 7 inches/ 170 Cm

weight of Emily Skye?

132 Lbs/60 Kg

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