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Liam Neeson is an  Irish actor, One of the highest-paid actors of all time. Liam Neeson Net Worth is in the millions he has earned by his long acting career. He has enlisted his name as ‘100 sexiest stars in film history’ & ‘The top 100 movie stars of all time’ According to the Empire magazine. 

A monthly published  British film magazine.He has been nominated for BAFTA Awards (  ( The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) For best actor in a leading role for the movie  ‘Schindler’s List. He has also been Nominated for ‘Golden Globe Awards’ For Best actor, by the motion picture for the movie ‘Michael Collins’. In his forty years long acting career Liam  Neeson net worth Converted into many millions.

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

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Early Life

Liam Neeson was born on 7th June in the year 1952 in the ‘Ballymena’.The 8th  largest city in Northern Ireland. Father’s name is Bernard Neeson, was a caretaker in the ‘Ballymena Boys All Saints Primary School’.And mother  ‘Katherine Brown’ was a cook by profession. He is the third child of his parents among the four. He has three Sisters along with him. They are Elizabeth Neeson, Second Bernadette Nesson and the third is Rosaleen Neeson.

In the year 1971, he enrolled his name at the  ‘Queen’s University Belfast’.For Advanced Studies in physics and computer science.  Belfast is a beautiful city in Northern Ireland.‘Queen’s  University is a public research University. But he  Discontinued his studies for pursuing his career in acting.


After leaving his University he attempts for making his career in acting but failed. But as it is no easy task to be an actor. He must first start his career with Truck driving. After a few years struggling in his career in the year 1976 ‘Lyrics Players’ Theatre’. After two years in 1978, he got her first chance to act in a religious movie  ‘Pilgrim’s Process’. But as a leader, his role got his first chance in the year 1980 in the movie ‘Excalibur’.

It was an American epic mediaeval fantasy movie directed by John Boor man. Afterwards, for a few years, he worked in stage shows because of lacking a proper proposal for movies. After one decade of long struggles to be an actor, he got a chance to meet with Stephen Spielberg in the year 1993. 

He cast him in the movie ‘Schindler’s List in which he played the role of ‘Oskar Schindler’.German Industrialistwho saved the life of 1200 Jews during The holocaust. During the Second World War. The movie becomes a blockbuster worldwide. the lifetime worldwide box office collection from the movie was $ 321.3 million (Rs 23,72.29 Cr).

Then in the year 1995, he worked with the director  Michael  Caton Jones in the movie ‘Rob Roy’.The movie was an American historical biographical drama. Next year in 1996  he worked with the director Neil Jordan in the movie  ‘Michael Collins’. A biographical periodical drama movie.

The year 1999 becomes the most memorable year as an actor. Because it becomes part of the movie  ‘Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace’.With the Scottish actor, Golden Globe award winner ‘Ewan McGregor’ American Space opera movies. And the worldwide lifetime box office collection of the movie was $ 1 Billion ( Rs 73,83.41 Cr).

In 2002 He collaborated with ‘Harrison Ford’ An American actor, Pilot and environmental activist. And ‘Kathryn Bigelow’.American director Producer and screenwriter.All the work in the movie ‘ ‘K-19: The Widowmaker’.Historical submarine movie.

Next year in 2003 he worked in a Romantic comedy movie ‘ Love Actually’  directed by  Richard Curtis. In 2004 he worked for NBC ( National Broadcasting Company) American English language commercial television network. you worked in an episode ‘Saturday Nightlife’. 

In 2008 he worked in the movie ‘Taken’ English language French action thriller movie directed by Pierre Morel. The worldwide collection in the box office of the movie was $ 223.9 Million ( Rs 16,53.14 Cr). later on in the same year another blockbuster movie, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’.

A Fantasy movie was written and directed by Andrew Adamson. 10th highest-grossing box office collection movie of the year with a worldwide box office collection of $ 419.7 Million ( Rs 30,98.81 Cr).

In 2010 Appeared in the movie ‘The Clash of the Titans’ It was a remake movie of the year 1981 which was released by the same name. This movie also becomes a hit movie worldwide. The worldwide box office collection of the movie was $ 475 Million ( Rs 35,07.12 Cr).

The same year in the sequel of the movie named  ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’. The highest box office collection movie of the year.  The worldwide box office collection was $ 415.7 Million ( Rs 30,69.28 Cr).
Next Year in 2011 collaborated with  Spanish American Director and Producer ‘ Jaume Collet Serra’   in an action thriller movie  ‘Unknown’. And after a very long time, he again collaborated with famous director ‘Steven Spielberg’ in the movie ‘ Lincoln’.

In that movie, he played the role of Abraham Lincoln. In 2012 in the Taken franchise movie named ‘Taken 2’.Four years later in the year 2016, Actor-producer and screenwriter ‘Martin Scorsese’ in the movie ‘Silence’. 

Awards and Recognition

With so many prestigious worlds throughout his acting career, he has won one ‘Academy Awards’ For best actor for the movie  ‘Schindler’s List’ in 1994.  one ‘BAFTA’ Awards for the same movie. &    three ‘Golden Globe Awards’  first for the movie ‘Schindler’s List’ in 1994. Second  ‘Michael Collins’. A biographical periodical drama movie in the year 1997. And third in the year 2005 For the movie ‘Kinsey’.

Personal Life

He married ‘Natasha Richardson’ On 3rd July 1994. She was an English actress for stage and screen by profession. They have two songs together. Michael Richardson and Daniel Nesson. He has also a daughter named Maggie Grace.

They have purchased a real estate property for the family  ‘Millbrook’ New York. A beautiful village in Dutchess County New York. Approximately the cost of the estate is $ 4 Million ( Rs 29.54Cr).6116 Square feet area with one swimming Pool & courtyard.

Car Collection

Ferrari F 430 of $ 420,909 (Rs 3.10 Cr).

Jaguar XJ of  $ 46,959 9 (Rs 34.66 Lacs).

Cadillac Escalade of $ 78,195 ( Rs 57.74 Lacs).

Social Media Portfolio

He is not so active in social media. If one can look at his Twitter account he would be able to see that only 64 Followers are there in his Twitter account. And on his Instagram account, he has 42.7k Followers as of January 2024.

Quick Facts

Real NameLiam  John Nesson
Birth PlaceBallymena in Northern Ireland
EducationIncomplete Advanced Studies in physics and computer science.  in Northern Ireland.‘Queen’s  University
Height6 Feet 4 inch/ 193 Cm
Weight165 Lbs/74.84 Kg
Age71 Years
Awards & Recognition He has won one ‘Academy Awards’ For best actor for the movie  ‘Schindler’s List’ in 1994.
TwitterTwitter/Liam Nesson
InstagramInstagram/Liam Nesson
Net Worth$ 160 Million (INR 13,28.29 Cr ).
Last Updated January 2024


What is the Height of Liam Nesson?

6 Feet 4 inch/ 193 Cm

Who was the wife of Liam Nesson?

Natasha Richardson Died on (18th March 2009)

Daughter name of Liam Nesson?

Maggie Grace.

What is the of Liam Nesson?

71 Years

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