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Who is Zahra Joya?

Zahra Joya was 5 years old when the Taliban took power in Afghanistan and banned girls’ education.  She then dressed like a boy and walked two hours to and from school every day. After the U.S. invasion in 2001, she dropped her disguise, finished her schooling, and enrolled as a law student, before discovering her dream as a journalist.

According to Reporters Without Borders, 80% of women journalists have lost their jobs since the collapse of the Afghan government in August. Joya, who founded Rukhshana Media in 2020 with a focus on stories by and about Afghan women, was among those forced to flee the country. She was then airlifted to the U.K. Even from thousands of miles away, the 30-year-old journalist continues to manage a team of reporters covering the stories of women in Afghanistan.

Quick Facts

NameZahra Joya
Date Of Birth1992
Age30 Years ( As of 2022).
Place Of BirthIn a small rural village to a Hazara family in Bamyan Province.
ProfessionShe is an Afghan journalist, feminist, and the founder of Rukhshana Media.


Net WorthWill Update Soon
Last UpdatedMay 2022.
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Early Life

She was born in a small rural village to a Hazara family in Bamyan Province in 1992 & was five years old when the Taliban took control in Afghanistan. They banned almost all education for girls. She would dress as a boy and call herself Mohammed, and walked alongside her young uncle for two hours each day to get to school.

In an interview with Angelina Jolie for TIME in 2022, she told that a number of men in her family, including her father, believed in women’s’ rights. After the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan and took charge agianst the Taliban government in 2001, she was able to drop the disguise and enroll in law school in Kabul.  Moved by the untold stories of her female classmates, she decided to become a journalist, crossing the dangers and difficulties of being a female reporter in Afghanistan.


She worked as the deputy director of communications at the Kabul municipal government. At times, she was the only female amongst her colleagues. When she remarked this, she was told that women wouldn’t have good capacity or skills needed for the job.In December 2020, she founded Rukhshana Media, the country’s first feminist news agency. She motivated to do so after a friend’s suggestion, and due to the responses of her male colleagues regarding the lack of female journalists. The outlet was named Rukhshana to honor a nineteen-year-old girl who was stoned to death by the Taliban in 2015 in Ghor Province.

She along with her colleagues received a number of threats for their journalism.Fearing for her life, she decided to flee the country. She continues to run Rukhshana Media in exile, and remains in contact with her team who send her reports from Afghanistan in secret.Most female Afghan journalists were forced to leave their jobs after the takeover.Afghan journalist  has been named as one of Time’s women of the year 2022 & has consistently reporting women’s lives in Afghanistan through her news agency, Rukhshana Media.

Zahra Joya @ London, United Kingdom

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, she has been concerned for their safety. She launched Rukhshana Media in December 2020 with her own money. Her agency is Afghanistan’s first feminist news agency. The agency arget to become the first national news source where an Afghan woman could see her own life reflected in the stories published every day.


She was one of 12 women named Time’s Women of the Year in 2022. She was recognized for her journalism, and was interviewed by Angelina Jolie.Rukhshana Media received the Marie Colvin Award at the British Journalism Awards 2021.


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