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Lou Diamond Phillips is a Filipino-American actor and movie director, he became a well-known actor after working in the movie ‘La Bamba’ in the year 1987. It was an American biographical drama movie directed by ‘Luis Valdez’.He is on the nomination list for the Academy Award for the movie ‘Stand & Delivers’ in the year 1988. It was an American drama movie based on a true story of a high school mathematics teacher. Lou Diamond Phillips net worth has grown in million-dollar in his forty years working in the entertainment sector. 

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Early Life

He was born on the 17th of February in the year 1962 at the ‘Subic Bay Naval Station a major ship repair & supply centre located at Zambales in the Philippines. His father Gerald  Amon Upchurch was a crew chief in the United State Marines. His mother Lucita Umayam Aranas is a Filipina of Spanish ancestry.
He received his graduate degree from ‘Flour Bluff High School. It is a public High school in the “Corpus Christi area in the South Taxes Region of the United States. Afterwards, he took his admission to the ‘University of Texas which is in ‘Arlington’ Texas. He completed his ‘Bachelor in Fine Arts from Texas University.

Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Diamond Phillips


His first movie appearance as a lead role was in the movie ‘Miami Vice’ an American crime drama television series in the ‘Red Episode’ in the year 1987. Next year in 1988 he acted in the movie ‘Stand & Deliver. Later on, in the same year, he worked in the ‘Young Guns’ Movie an American biographical western movie directed by ‘Christopher Cain’ and in the year 1990 he works in the same movie part two of ‘Young Guns’.

Three years later in 1993, he started another television series ‘Wind in the Wire’ which was an American TV Movie directed by ‘Jim Shea’ After three years later in the 1996 ‘BroadWay Theatre’. And in the year 1998, he worked in an action comedy film directed by ‘Che-Kirk Wong’s movie named ‘The Big Hit’ In the year 2000, he worked in the TV Sitcom George Lopez along with another tv series ‘24’. It was an action drama television series.

In the year 2003, he performed in the movie an action-comedy movie named ‘Hollywood Homicide’  directed by ‘Ron Shelton’ In 2007  he associated with American lyricist ‘ Lerner’ and composer ‘Fabric Loewe’ and worked in Camelot which is a musical collection for the role ‘Of King Arthur’  a  British Leader of the 5th century well known for his romanticism. Two years later in the year 2009 new work in another television series which was a  Canadian American military science fiction television series called ‘Stargate  Universe. Television series continued till  2011. 

In 2012  he worked in A reality series ‘Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity cook-off. American cooking competition series that broadcast on Food Network. American basic cable channel. Same here in December he performed American pop-rock band Las Vegas called ‘Imagine Dragons’. It Records One billion views on YouTube. 

In the year 2013, he worked in a short movie  ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamond’.In 2014 He worked in a TV program on ABC  as a guest appearance named ‘The wiggles Rock and Roll Preschool DVD. In 2016 he worked in the movie ‘The Night Stalker’.In this movie, he played the role of the serial killer and serial rapist character named ‘Richard Ramirez’.

He also worked with radio which is also appreciable. Some of the work on the radio is a radio series named  ‘The Twilight zone. Volume 1 is named ‘A kind of stopwatch’. Then in volume 3, ‘The  Parallel’, volume 10 ‘Miniature’  & Volume 12 ‘Long live Walter Jameson’.

Personal Life

He married ‘Julie Cypher’  an American Film Maker in the year 1987 on September 17th. But After three years they got divorced in 1990 on 5th August. He then married ‘Kelly Phillips’  a men’s magazine Penthouse model. The couple has three Daughters. The twin daughter, are Grace & Isabella Phillips & Lilli Phillips. They got separated in the year 2004. Again in 2007, he got married to ‘Yvonne Boismier’ who was a makeup artist by profession. Ane they have one daughter named Indigo.

Award & Recognition

In the year 1994, he won the ‘Houston International Film Festival Gold Award’ for the movie ‘Ultimate Revenge’.Then 1997 he won the ‘Blockbuster Intertainment Award’  for a wonderful performance in the movie ‘Courage Under Fire.

Social Media Portfolio

He has millions of followers on social media over the world. On Twitter, he has 195.6kK followers. and on Instagram, he has 24K followers as of November 2023.

Quick Facts

Real NameLou Diamond Phillips
Birth PlaceZambales in the Philippines.
EducationBachelor in Fine Arts in Drama from Texas University.
Height5 Feet 09 inches/ 180 Cm
Weight154 Lbs/76 Kg
Age61 Years
 Awards & RecognitionIn the year 1994, he won the ‘Houston International Film Festival Gold Award’ for the movie ‘Ultimate Revenge’
TwitterTwitter/Lou Diamond Phillips
InstagramInstagram/Lou Diamond Phillips
Net Worth $ 8 Million (INR 64.91 Cr).
Last Updated November 2023.


What is the age of Lou Diamond Phillips?

61 Years

Nane of the wife of Lou Diamond Phillips?

Julie Cypher ( 1987-1990), Kelly Phillips ( 1994-2007) & Yvonne Boismier ( 2007-present)

How many cats does Lou Diamond Phillips have?

5 cat & a cat size dogs

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