Iris Fontbona Net Worth: Who is the Wealthiest person in Chile in 2021?

Who is Iris Fontbona?

She is a Chilean Mining Industraliest, media proprietor, billionaire businesswoman. She is the widow of Chilean businessman Antonio Andronico Luksic Abaroa. She is the wealthiest person in Chile, the fifth wealthiest in Latin America and 91st wealthiest person in the world. As per American Business Magazine Forbes real data published on 5th March 2021, she is the 10th wealthiest woman in the world.

Early life

She was born in 1942 in Antofagasta, a port city and the capital of northern Chile’s the Atacama Desert. Her father’s name was Luis Alberto Fontbona Buxalleux & mother Emma Gonzalez Morales. She studied at a Catholic High School.


When she was seventeen years old she met with Andronico Luksic Abaroa. After three years later when she was twenty years old she married him. The couple had three children of their own.

Her husband Andronico Luksic Abaroa was a Chilean businessman of Croatian, Bolivian origin. He was the co-founder of the Luksic Group. He becomes the richest person in Chile, the fourth richest person in Latin America and the 132nd in the world with a net worth of $ 4.2 billion (Rs 3,12,19.92 Cr) according to Forbes published its data in 2005. Over time Luksic Group has to expand its wings in the financial, industrial & beverages sector along with mining.

The Luksic Group has a major holding in companies including Chilean bank and financial services company Banco de Chile, based on headquarters in Santiago. Second Chilean producer of diversified beverages company CCU and third a British multinational and one of the most important multi-industry company Antofagasta plc. It is a multi-billion company that operates in the Chilean economy, Minerals, railroad to Bolivia from Antofagasta.

In September 2002  the Chilean newspaper “El Mercurio” published an interview with Andronico Luksic titled “Don Andronico cuenta su historia”. In the interview, he explains how he expands his company after a long hard work & after that decided to retire from the family business & started doing things that suit his choice.

He died of cancer on 18th August 2005 at the age of seventy-eight. As of 2011 as his widow, she had a net worth of $ 19.2 billion (Rs 14,27,20.60 Cr) as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index lists published in October 2012. According to the published list, she was the 33rd richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $19.7 billion (Rs 14,64,36.89 Cr) who lives in Santiago.

As per the Forbes list published in 2016, she is Chile’s richest person with a $13.8 billion (Rs 10,25,50.28 Cr) mining assets fortune. According to the report she also shares $15.5 billion (Rs 11,52,09.87 Cr) total with the rest of her family. It also makes her the fourth-richest in Chile. Her net worth is equivalent to 6% of Chile’s GDP. Inherited a fortune is not a tuff job but to expand the fortune to a new height is always challenging but she proves it wrong with her business achievements over the decade.

In 2015 she donated a huge amount of fortune to the annual Chilean Telethon, which seeks to help children with physical disabilities. She also donated $ 5.5 million (Rs 40.87 Cr) which also create a record of charity events in terms of funds raised.

At the current date, she is one of the richest persons in Chile. She holds the biggest copper mines &  the biggest shipping company in Chile. Along with this, she has holdings in two hotel chains of Croatia, Laguna Porec and Adriatic Luxury Resorts.

Real NameIris Balbina Fontbona Gonzalez
Birth PlaceShe was born in 1942 in Antofagasta. a port city and the capital of northern Chile’s Atacama Desert.
Age79 years. (As of 2021).
Net Worth $ 23.3 BILLION  (Rs 17,31,27.85 Cr).

(As on Data published on 5th March 2021 on Forbes).

How much is the age of Iris Fontbona?

79 years. (As of 2021).

What is the of the company of Iris Fontbona?

The Luksic Group

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