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Who is Caeleb Dressel?

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He is an American freestyle and butterfly Swimmer who is famous for his sprint events. He currently represents the San Francisco based professional swimming club “The Cali Condors” which is part of the “International Swimming League” (ISL). He has won seven gold medals at the 2019 “World Aquatics Championships” & eight medals including six gold at the 2019 “World Aquatics Championships”.He is the two time Olympic gold medalist & currently holds the world records in The hundred-metre butterfly ( Both long course and short course), 50 metres Style freestyle short course & Hundred-metre individual medley short course. 

Early Life

He was born on 16th August 1996 in Green Cove Springs is a counter seat of clay county the Florida United States. His father’s name is Michael Dressel & mother is Christina Dressel having other four children including him named Tyler, Kaitlyn and Sherridon and all are a professional swimmer

He studied at Clay High School & has taken training of swimming at the Bolles School which is in Jacksonville. In 2014 he was a collegiate swimmer at the “University of Florida” 2014 and he becomes graduate in 2018.


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At the age of fifteen, he was the youngest swimmer at the 2012 United States Olympic Trials for swimming events. He was ranked 145th in 50-metre freestyle & tied for 152nd in the 100-metre freestyle. He finished the 200-yard free relay in 19.82 & breaks the record of 20 seconds becoming the first swimmer under sixteen years old.

In the 2013 Speedo Winter Junior National Championships, he becomes the Youngest swimmer in history to break the nineteen-second record in the fifty-metre Freestyle Swimming. 

In Rio De Janeiro at the 2016 “Summer Olympics”, he won his first gold medal in The men’s 4 × 100-metre freestyle relay. In the final, he swam the lead-off leg in 48.10 seconds fasted opening leg in the field. In the hundred metre freestyle, he finished in the sixth position in the final with a time of 48.02.

At the 2017 World aquatics Championships which was organised in Budapest, he won seven Gold medals at a single World Championship since American former professional swimmer Michael Phelps in 2007 did the same thing. On the first day of competition, he set the American record in the hundred-metre Butterfly with a time of 22.76, topped the semifinals. American team win a bar of gold with a time of 3:10.06 & he won his first gold at the Championships.

At the 2018 NCAA Division I Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships he won all three of his races & won his first relay national title. On the second day of the competition 22nd March 2018, he broke The American and US Open records in the 50-yard freestyle thrice. He also becomes the first Swimmer ever to break the eighteen seconds fifty free the 40 seconds 100 free barrier, and the 43 seconds 100 fly barrier in the history of yards swimming.

At the 2019 World Aquatics Championships which was organised in Gwangju South Korea, he first won gold in the “Men’s 4 × 100-metre freestyle relay” & then won gold in the 50-metre butterfly. He is the first American man to win that Championship and set a new national and Championship record time of 22.35 seconds for the event. 

At the 2020 USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials which was Organised at CHI Health Center Omaha, Nebraska on 14th June 2021 he competed in the 200-meter freestyle prelims swimming at 1:46.63 and ranked in the 2nd position overall for the heats. After this achievement, he becomes the all-time 20th fastest American in the event.

After that, he decided not to qualify for the semi-final event. On 16th June 2021 which was the fourth day of the event, he ranked on the 5th Position out of all prelims heats in the 100-meter freestyle swimming a 48.25 and which was also advanced to the semifinals. The same day in the evening he ranked on the top with a time of 47.77 and advanced to the final.

The next day he won the 100 m freestyle with a time of 47.39 and made himself qualify for the United States Olympic swimming team in the 100-metre freestyle & The men’s 4 × 100-metres same freestyle relay for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

He tied both the US Open & championships record for the 100-metre freestyle. The next day he won the prelims heat of the 100-meter butterfly with a 50.17 which breaks both the records US Open and Championships record. The Same day he dropping it by a 49.76 he again improves his US Open records.

On the morning of day seven he swam a 21.29 in the prelims heats of the 50-meter freestyle, becoming first he breaks the Championship records Qualify for the semi-final. In the evening he swam in the final of the 100-meter butterfly and the semifinals of the 50-meter freestyle. In the events of the Hundred-metre butterfly, he swam a 49.87. He won the final of the events & under 50 seconds for the fifth time.

He qualified to represent himself for the United States in the 100 M butterfly at the 2020 Summer Olympics. In 50 m freestyle butterfly he makes a record of 21.51 which becomes the fastest seed to the final. On the final day of the competition, he qualified for a swim at the 50 m freestyle at the 2020 Olympic Games. He also wins the final with a time of 21.04. 

He is qualified for the Tokyo Olympic 2021 he will be competing in the 50-meter freestyle along with other formates of swimming. Australian Swimmer Ian Thorpe has very much influences by his techniques which helps him a lot in his swimming achievements.


Personal Best Performance

50 m freestyle21.042019 World Championships27-Jul-2019American record
100 m freestyle46.962019 World Championships25-Jul-2019American record
200 m freestyle1:46.632020 U.S. Olympic Trials14-Jun-2021
50 m butterfly22.352019 World Championships22-Jul-2019Americas records
100 m butterfly49.52019 World Championships26-Jul-2019world records
200 m butterfly1:56.29GA SCAT Atlanta Classic Swim Meet18-May-2019
200 m individual medley1:59.972019 Toyota U.S. Open5-Dec-2019
50 m freestyle20.16International Swimming League21-Nov-2020world records
100 m freestyle45.08International Swimming League22-Nov-2020Americas records
50 m Butterfly22.04International Swimming League16-Nov-2020American record
100 m Butterfly47.78International Swimming League21-Nov-2020world records
100 m Individual Medley49.28International Swimming League22-Nov-2020world records
50 m Breaststroke26.01International Swimming League22-Nov-2020
50 yd freestyle17.632018 NCAA Championships22-Mar-2018American record
100 yd freestyle39.92018 NCAA Championships24-Mar-2018American record
100 yd breaststroke50.032018 SEC Swimming & Diving Championships17-Feb-2018Former American record
100 yd butterfly42.82018 NCAA Championships23-Mar-2018American record
200 yd individual medley1:38.132018 SEC Swimming & Diving Championships15-Feb-2018American record

National Records

Long Course Meters

150 m butterfly22.76 (SF)2017 World ChampionshipsJul 23, 2017
2100 m freestyle47.262017 World ChampionshipsJul 23, 2017
3100 m freestyle (2)47.172017 World ChampionshipsJul 27, 2017
450 m freestyle21.152017 World ChampionshipsJul 29, 2017
550 m butterfly (2)22.57 (SF)2019 World ChampionshipsJul 21, 2019
650 m butterfly (3)22.352019 World ChampionshipsJul 22, 2019
7100 m freestyle (3)46.962019 World ChampionshipsJul 25, 2019
8100 m butterfly49.50 (SF)2019 World ChampionshipsJul 26, 2019
950 m freestyle (2)21.042019 World ChampionshipsJul 27, 2019

Short Course Meters

150 m freestyle20.432018 World ChampionshipsDec 14, 2018
2100 m freestyle45.622018 World ChampionshipsDec 16, 2018
350 m butterfly22.21International Swimming LeagueNov 17, 2019
450 m freestyle (2)20.24International Swimming LeagueDec 20, 2019
5100 m freestyle (2)45.22International Swimming LeagueDec 21, 2019
650 m butterfly (2)22.06International Swimming LeagueDec 21, 2019
7100 m individual medley50.48International Swimming LeagueNov 10, 2020
850 m butterfly (3)22.06International Swimming LeagueNov 10, 2020
9100 m freestyle (3)45.2International Swimming LeagueNov 16, 2020
10100 m individual medley (2)49.88International Swimming LeagueNov 16, 2020
1150 m butterfly (4)22.04International Swimming LeagueNov 16, 2020
12100 m butterfly47.78International Swimming LeagueNov 21, 2020
1350 m freestyle (3)20.16International Swimming LeagueNov 21, 2020
14100 m freestyle (4)45.18 (r)International Swimming LeagueNov 21, 2020
15100 m freestyle (5)45.08International Swimming LeagueNov 22, 2020
16100 m individual medley (3)49.28International Swimming LeagueNov 22, 2020

National US Open Records Short Course Yards

150 yd freestyle18.39 (h)2016 SEC Swimming & Diving ChampionshipsFeb 17, 2016
250 yd freestyle (2)18.232016 SEC Swimming & Diving ChampionshipsFeb 17, 2016
350 yd freestyle (3)18.22016 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 24, 2016
4100 yd freestyle40.462016 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 26, 2016
5100 yd freestyle (2)402017 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 25, 2017
6100 yd butterfly43.582017 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 25, 2017
7200 yd individual medley1:38.132018 SEC Swimming & Diving ChampionshipsFeb 15, 2018
8100 yd breaststroke50.032018 SEC Swimming & Diving ChampionshipsFeb 17, 2018
950 yd freestyle (4)18.11 (h)2018 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 22, 2018
1050 yd freestyle (5)17.81 (r)2018 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 22, 2018
1150 yd freestyle (6)17.632018 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 22, 2018
12100 yd butterfly (2)42.82018 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 23, 2018
13100 yd freestyle (3)39.92018 NCAA ChampionshipsMar 24, 2018

Personal Life

Caeleb Dressel at the spire institute

He has been in a relationship with his trainer Meghan Haila since 2013 who trained him since his school time. They got married in February 2021. 

Social Media Portfolio

He has 311k followers on Instagram as of July 2021. He also started his Youtube channel where he regularly uploads his pasts swimming events performance. In the very first video, he analyses his swimming techniques for the 100-metre butterfly. He has also shown in his video relating to his 2020 summer Olympics in pop culture.

Real NameCaeleb Remel Dressel
Birth PlaceHe was born on 16th August 1996 in Green Cove Springs.
Age24 years. (As of 2021).
Height6 feet 3 inches /191 Cm.
Weight88 Kg / 194 Lbs.
InstagramInstagram/Caeleb Dressel
Net Worth$ 3 million (Rs 22.39 Cr).

How many Olympic medals has Caeleb won?


Who is Caeleb Dressel coach?

Gregg Troy.

What college did Caeleb Dressel go to?

The University of Florida.

What is Caeleb Dressel weight?

88 Kg / 194 Lbs.

What is Caeleb Dressel age?

24 years. (As of 2021).

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